PASS BOD Goal – Adding Search across all recorded sessions

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Like most SQL professionals, I am always looking to learn more about best practices, research a solution to a problem, or find out about a new feature in the latest release of SQL Server products.  As a virtual chapter leader, I also want to make sure that our sessions are easily accessible to the PASS SQL Community. Connect. Share. Learn.

One PASS BOD Goal: Search capabilities across all recorded sessions

Below is the current screen for the Session recordings.  No searching capabilities exists on this page to perform a quick search by area of interest, topic, keyword, speaker, language, etc. Below are 2 use cases that demonstrate the need.

 Use Case: PASS Summit and 24HOP Sessions

searchSQLPASS site

Looking at the above list of PASS Summits and 24 HOPs, I can roughly estimate that we have over 640+ sessions available to review. WOW!  The only search I found was under the PASS Summit Recording pages by year, example the clicking on 2010 under the PASS Summit Recordings.

Use Case: As a past Summit attendee, I want to be able to search sessions across years, by topic, speaker, keyword and have a the ability to share the link or search results to others.

Goal: To work with PASS IT to enable searching across all PASS Summit sessions and 24HOP sessions.
This will enable the SQL Community to better Connect, Share, and Learn.

Use Case: Enable search across all Virtual Chapter Sessions

The Virtual Chapter has seen tremendous growth, especially the past 2 years, under the direction of Denise McInerney.   Each Virtual Chapter records its sessions and uploads them to their corresponding Virtual Chapter page.  Below is an example of the Data warehousing/Business Intelligence Virtual Chapter’s Presentation Archive.  A lot of excellent content, delivered by superb speakers is available to the SQL Community via the PASS Virtual Chapters.


However today, no searching capability exists to search across all of the virtual chapters for session on a particular topic, given by a particular speaker, etc.  For example, SSIS sessions can be found in various Virtual Chapters including AppDev and BIVC.

Use Case: As a Virtual Chapter member or SQL community member, I want to be able to search sessions across virtual chapters, by  VC, topic, speaker, keyword and language and also have a the ability to share the link or search results to others.

Goal: To work with PASS IT to enable searching across all PASS Virtual Chapters

Connect. Share. Learn.

By enabling this searching sharing feature on the site and across all levels of the organization (virtual chapters, Summit, BAC, 24HOP, Rallys, etc), we can help further connect the SQL Community to the rich content that PASS delivers.



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