PASS BOD Goal – Adding Search across all recorded sessions

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Like most SQL professionals, I am always looking to learn more about best practices, research a solution to a problem, or find out about a new feature in the latest release of SQL Server products.  As a virtual chapter leader, I also want to make sure that our sessions are easily accessible to the PASS SQL Community. Connect. Share. Learn.

One PASS BOD Goal: Search capabilities across all recorded sessions

Below is the current screen for the Session recordings.  No searching capabilities exists on this page to perform a quick search by area of interest, topic, keyword, speaker, language, etc. Below are 2 use cases that demonstrate the need.

 Use Case: PASS Summit and 24HOP Sessions

searchSQLPASS site

Looking at the above list of PASS Summits and 24 HOPs, I can roughly estimate that we have over 640+ sessions available to review. WOW!  The only search I found was under the PASS Summit Recording pages by year, example the clicking on 2010 under the PASS Summit Recordings.

Use Case: As a past Summit attendee, I want to be able to search sessions across years, by topic, speaker, keyword and have a the ability to share the link or search results to others.

Goal: To work with PASS IT to enable searching across all PASS Summit sessions and 24HOP sessions.
This will enable the SQL Community to better Connect, Share, and Learn.

Use Case: Enable search across all Virtual Chapter Sessions

The Virtual Chapter has seen tremendous growth, especially the past 2 years, under the direction of Denise McInerney.   Each Virtual Chapter records its sessions and uploads them to their corresponding Virtual Chapter page.  Below is an example of the Data warehousing/Business Intelligence Virtual Chapter’s Presentation Archive.  A lot of excellent content, delivered by superb speakers is available to the SQL Community via the PASS Virtual Chapters.


However today, no searching capability exists to search across all of the virtual chapters for session on a particular topic, given by a particular speaker, etc.  For example, SSIS sessions can be found in various Virtual Chapters including AppDev and BIVC.

Use Case: As a Virtual Chapter member or SQL community member, I want to be able to search sessions across virtual chapters, by  VC, topic, speaker, keyword and language and also have a the ability to share the link or search results to others.

Goal: To work with PASS IT to enable searching across all PASS Virtual Chapters

Connect. Share. Learn.

By enabling this searching sharing feature on the site and across all levels of the organization (virtual chapters, Summit, BAC, 24HOP, Rallys, etc), we can help further connect the SQL Community to the rich content that PASS delivers.



Amy Lewis – Your Virtual Chapter Candidate for PASS Board of Directors

PASSdwbivc pic

Many of you link my name with the Virtual Chapters, in particular the PASS Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Virtual Chapter  (PASS DW/BI VC). I couldn’t be more proud of all of the accomplishments I and the committee members have accomplished with the PASS DW/BI VC these past 7 years!  We have grown the PASS DW/BI VC into one of PASS’s flagship VCs!  We took the defunct BI SIG ( history lesson – SIG (Special Interest Group – original name of VCs) into a premier global presence in a matter of months.  This chapter now has over 13,500 members spanning the globe.  We host session in multiple time zones and are truly blessed with a global representation of speakers and volunteers. 

The key strategy I implemented was to make the PASS DW/BI VC a committee led group, with global leadership, including representation from the UK, Italy, Brazil, and Australia.  This ties into my leadership style. I tend to use a collaborative leadership style.  I like to gather people around me to help solve problems and to get input from various organization elements (BOD, local Chapters, other VCs,community)  so that many people will have a stake in the success of any selected solution to a problem or to meet a particular goal – in this case, global growth of our Virtual Chapter.  We also expanded our speaker list to include speakers from across the globe.  Thank you for all of the speakers from US, Brazil, and the EMAC for helping make the PASS DW/BI VC what it is today!

Goal #1: Strengthen the Virtual Chapters to be more global reaching

A Virtual Chapter is able to reach many more professionals than a Summit, a SQL Saturday, or a local chapter. This area has seen great growth and has been very successful over the past few years, especially with the change in the webinar provider and with partnering with 24 hours of PASS.

To help the virtual chapters reach more professionals across the globe, I would work to strengthen marketing of the events through social media, local chapters, and SQL Saturdays.

Task 1:  Strengthen all Virtual Chapters by having global representation

I would also work with the Virtual Chapter leaders to grow their volunteer teams to include volunteers and leaders from other geographical regions. These leaders can then reach out to SQL Server professionals in their communities that might not be near a local chapter, but would like to connect, share, and learn with others in the field. I believe this will not only strengthen the virtual chapter, but also PASS as a whole through the networking and knowledge sharing of the community at large.

Task 2:  Encourage more interaction among Virtual Chapter members

One of the items missing with Virtual Chapters is the presence of a forum or chat room, available after a session,etc., where one can share further insights or experiences on a particular topic.

Task 3:  Enable searching capability for all PASS VC sessions

Work with PASS IT to develop the capability to search across all VC sessions. Today.  it is difficult to search for sessions across the Virtual Chapters that might be of interest. I would work with other VCs and PASS IT in adding this type of search to its web presence.

Task 4:  Partner with Business Analytics initiatives

The Business Intelligence Chapter and the Business Analytics Chapter have partnered together well this past year.  I would like to see this partnership continue to grow and strengthen.

References Related to Work with PASS DW/BI VC

 Denise McInerney – PASS Board of Directors, Virtual Chapters Portfolio

“I enthusiastically support Amy Lewis as a candidate for the PASS Board of Directors. I have known and worked with Amy in various PASS’ volunteer capacities for years, starting when we were both leaders of SIGs (the precursors to the Virtual Chapters.) In that time I have seen Amy grow as a leader, taking on increasing responsibility and developing her leadership skills in the process. From the Program Committee to the BI Virtual Chapter to her local user group’s SQL Saturday Amy has demonstrated a capacity to organize and lead volunteers. A successful leader delivers results, and does so in a way that encourages and empowers the people she is working with; Amy embodies this leadership style.

As Director for Virtual Chapters I have most recently worked with Amy in her capacity of DW/BI VC Leader. This VC is one of our largest and most active, and Amy’s leadership is a key contribution to that success. I was pleased to see that Amy was also thinking about succession and prepared other volunteers to take over the chapter leadership.

Amy has shown an understanding of PASS’ strategic goals and has focused her volunteer efforts to help us reach those goals. For the past couple of years we have been trying to expand PASS reach and relevance to SQL communities around the world. The VCs are a key vehicle for this expansion. Amy embraced this idea and organized the VC to engage volunteers in Europe & Australia and provide content that could reach SQL professionals in those regions.

A second key strategy for PASS is expanding into the data analytics space. Again Amy rose to the occasion helping to shape the program for our first Business Analytics Conference and leveraging the BI VC to promote the event.

By all measures I think Amy is prepared to serve on the Board and contribute in a positive way.”

Tim Mitchell, Co-Chair of PASS DW/BI VC

 “I have had the opportunity to get to know Amy Lewis during the past several years through our mutual activities in the PASS organization at large as well as our shared responsibilities in the BI/DW virtual chapter. I have always been impressed with Amy’s enthusiasm, attention to detail, and bias to action in all of her work. In her work with the virtual chapter, she was the driving force behind the success and growth of that group, constantly working to arrange speakers, organize meeting, and recruit new members and volunteers. For the organization as a whole, she’s one of the first to volunteer to help out and is quick to take initiative where she sees a need.

I’ve witnessed firsthand Amy’s drive, determination, and decision-making abilities in action, and I can say without reservation that she’s one of the most valuable people in the SQL Server community. I am happy to support her in her pursuit of a PASS Board position, and I’m honored to recommend her for consideration.”

Adam Jorgensen – PASS Board of Directors and former co-chair of PASS DW/BI VC

 “I proudly support Amy Lewis for this board. Being a current member of this strategic body I know what it takes to be successful and add material value to the organization and our community. Amy does this day in and day out and we need her at the right level to help drive our future generation of success. She has several board members supporting her candidacy and encouraging her to take the next step and I know she has given careful through to gravity of the commitment. I have seen Amy take a poorly performing VC and turning it into our premier global presence in a matter of months. Her direct communication style combined with her ability to relate to many different people make her and dynamic and effective resource for this organization.”


Want to learn more about Amy? Please check out the below links:

Candidate Page:…Lewis.aspx
Board Application:…&mid=18041


PASS Board of Directors: Election Week


It’s election week for the PASS Board of Directors! The official slate is now available on the . Campaigning Events are taking place on Monday Sept 23 with Twitter Chats (#sqlpass and #passvotes) and on Tuesday Sept 24th with Virtual Town Hall Meetings. This is a great opportunity to have a virtual “meet and greet” with the candidates and learn more about each of us and our platforms.  Please see the PASS Elections Page for more details.


Ballots will be sent out on Wed Sept 25th and voting will be open from Wed Sept 25th till noon PT Sun Sept 30th.  As the button states above “Every Vote Counts”!

Twitter and Election Forums

All candidates will be following the #sqlpass and #passvotes hastags during this upcoming week of campaigning. Please feel free to reach out to the candidates via Twitter and via the PASS Election Forums.

Ask Amy

If you would like to ask me a question directly, you can Tweet me at @amy_lewisaz  or contact me using the form below:

What’s on My BA Conference List


With April just around the corner, I’m growing more excited about the PASS Business Analytics (BA) Conference by the day! As a business intelligence professional and confessed data geek, I feel this event has been tailor-made for me. Not only am I looking forward to sessions that will help me find the best approaches to information delivery, but I’m also focused on how to gain more insight from the vast amounts of data floating around my company and available through other channels.

I’ve been involved in the BI community for many years, both as a BI professional and as a leader of the PASS Business Intelligence Virtual Chapter. I’ve been “deep in the weeds” with Integration Services, Analysis Services, and Reporting Services. And now with mobile technology exploding and Big Data getting ever bigger, I have even more “to-learns” to help my company get the most from its data.

So as I plan my schedule, I’m searching the lineup of 60+ amazing sessions looking for those geared toward BI pros looking to gain more insight from Big Data as well as those that can show me how to visually present and consume all this data at my fingertips (on my new Windows Phone :). Here are some sessions on my list:

I’ll be using the conference Schedule Builder to create my personal itinerary and will share it on my blog soon. And because I’m sure I won’t be able to fit in all the great sessions I want to see, I’ll be getting the session recordings to catch those that I miss, review my favorites, and share the event with my team members.

As an extra bonus, I’m staying in Chicago for SQLSaturday #211 the day after the BA Conference. With 40 additional top-notch sessions to choose from, I’ll get even more valuable training – for free! (Note: There is a $10 lunch fee.)

If that wasn’t enough to look forward to, the trip is also a chance for this Midwest girl to “come home” and take a quick side trip to my alma mater, Purdue University, only 2 hours from Chicago. Boiler up!